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We are a French based agency specializing in mobile app development. We build Android & iOS natives applications, we are a team of in-house developers and designers all passionate about apps.

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We are proud to produce beautifull applications for any kind of clients: from the startup to huge companies. We achieved over 90 application projects. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to present our work and to speak with you.

  • Productivity Application
  • Security Application
  • Proof Of Concep for Startup
  • General Public Application
  • Connected Objects App


The Canhegat application is coupled to a connected object positioned on the collar of your pet. It follows the activity of the animal and analyzes its physical activity. It provides essential information to nourish optimally, depending on its energy expenditure. Canhegat allows you to improve the health of your pet.



Aquila Airport handles actions related to wildlife control on airports. Compatible with existing installations, it can perform the acoustic scaring operations. The actions are controlled by operators from their tablet and are transmitted to the devices via bluetooth and radio waves. Any action performed is synchronized to a web server in order tp present and analyse data.



Home automation is done by Freedom application. From home or outside, your application is fully customizable to allow you to control all the elements of your home : energy, lighting, shutters, gates. Freedom allows you to create scenarios of your choice and plan on desired days and times.


University App

Available to all students, ENAC application presents essential information about the university, via an innovative content management system. Students have access to their lesson's hours, they get notified in real time of any changes in hours schedule.


Sport &

Switch Application allows you to train yourself and advance in the practice of Basketball. Through specific games and competitions based on the fundamentals of shooting Basketball, your statistics and personal records are calculated.


5 years
of experience

Since 2010, we develop native mobile applications. We have acquired the necessary experience to the success of your projects. Through this experience and performance of our developers, we have defined a specific design methodology to optimize apps production.

The sectors concerned are :

  • Company Productivity
  • Tools for sale
  • Airports
  • Startup
  • Medical Care
  • Aviation industry

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